New Desert Outlook: the benefits and challenges of throuples and poly families

James May had no idea two years ago that what he considered a harmless flirtation with a new friend would change his future, home life and relationship with long-term partner Jerry Betzold.

The couple was entertaining visitors Darek Mayen of Minnesota and his partner. As they all sat around the kitchen table playing cards, May and Mayen were having a heated footsies encounter under it. When May looked down to retrieve a card he had dropped, he discovered Mayen also toe-to-toe with Betzold.

“I lost it a little bit,” May says.

He and Betzold went outside to talk and realized they both were attracted to Mayen, who had become May’s friend first and then Betzold’s on the photo-sharing website Flickr. “We wanted to see where it would go,” May says.

They returned to the kitchen and engaged Mayen in a passionate kiss, while his partner was in the bathroom. The lip-lock confirmed that their guest was as interested in exploring the possibilities as they were.

Together 30 years since meeting in Seattle, May and Betzold say they weren’t looking to change their relationship before they met Mayen. Their mutual attraction and shared interests with Mayen were unexpected, setting in motion a long-distance relationship. While finishing college in Minnesota, Mayen visited the couple in the desert during breaks and they would fly there to see him. He moved to Palm Springs in May, and now shares a home and intimate relationship with May and Betzold.

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