Tucky Williams: from scream queen to ‘Girl/Girl Scene’


Tucky Williams

If the trailer for the lesbian web series “Girl/Girl Scene” is an accurate peek at its second season, viewers can expect plenty of provocative storylines and steamy encounters.

The clip opens with series creator and star Tucky Williams sharing why a potential girlfriend didn’t work out, with a hot blonde who’s lying on a bed, then writhing on it, then undressing — with Williams’ help. It’s followed by equally charged snippets of other girl/girl scenes as “Overexposure” by Sick of Sarah plays.

With new episodes of the web series expected to drop this month and season three of “The Real L Word” premiering July 12, some might question if the multitalented Williams is approaching overexposure this summer. She also appears in the Showtime reality TV show, which is being shot in LA and New York City this year.

Desert Outlook recently chatted with Williams about juggling two shows, her recent Dinah experience in Palm Springs and why she’d love to shake things up on “Dancing with the Stars.”

How do you describe “Girl/Girl Scene,” the online series you created, when people ask what you do?

I tell them that it’s like “Sex and the City,” except all the characters are lesbians. It’s an hour-long drama/comedy that centers around five young, attractive gay girls who lead ever-changing and confusing sex and love lives.

What were you doing before you started the series?

I was a scream queen in horror movies. Before that I was a meteorologist. I loved both, though neither made me totally happy. I call myself an actor, but I consider myself a writer at heart. I write “Girl/Girl Scene,” so wrap that up with acting in the show, and it’s the perfect combination.

What prompted you to start “Girl/Girl Scene”?

I knew what kind of show I wanted to watch, and I knew it wasn’t out there. My friend Nic told me to write a pilot, and from that humble beginning, we’re now going into season two. I’m thrilled that my work has been enjoyed by countless others all over the world.

What new developments can viewers expect to see during the new season?

New characters and even sexier storylines. I’m thrilled to have Kayden Kross and Abisha Uhl as members of the cast. The first season was dark, and this second season goes to even further extremes. There are more comic moments as well. For a show to be funny, it has to come from a place of truth and harsh honesty. This season’s stories are unearthed from the trenches of my psyche.

How did you get involved with the Showtime series, “The Real L Word”?

I basically just showed up. I’m pretty laid back, so when they wanted to mike me and point a camera at me, I just went along with it. I wasn’t going to be a jerk and refuse to participate. I didn’t know if I would like it, but I found it to be tremendous fun.

Your online series is scripted, “The Real L Word” is not. What are your concerns going into an unscripted reality TV show?

My concern was that there is always the possibility that they would portray me in an unfavorable light. But I had a blast. I just went with it.

Is there anyone in reality TV, any show, you’ve looked at and thought that person is doing it right?

Anyone on “Dancing with the Stars” is smart because they are having fun and everybody is rooting for them. There are no bad guys. It’s a happy and healthy good time for the participants and viewers alike.

What more needs to happen for you to be living your dream life?

Success is an internal thing, so I suppose I already am. But if you’re asking for specifics, I’d really like to have an awesome girlfriend. I’d like my mom to meet President Obama, because that would make her happier than anything. And it goes without saying that the thing I want most is to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Was your Dinah Shore Weekend appearance your first visit to Palm Springs?

It was my second, the first being a year earlier at The Dinah 2011. I’ve grown very fond of Palm Springs. There have been many kind cab drivers who have shown me the sights. I love the relaxed atmosphere, not to mention that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in North America.

What’s your best memory of being in Palm Springs?

There are two: 1) Meeting Kayden on The Dinah red carpet. We became friends right away, and now she is one of the main cast members on “Girl/Girl Scene.” 2) The last night I spent there, lounging peacefully on my balcony, gazing at the mountains and being kissed by a gentle desert breeze.


The new season of “The Real L Word” begins July 12 on Showtime. See local TV listings for the time. The second season of “Girl/Girl Scene” is planned for this month. Check http://girlgirlscene.com for updates.